The below FAQ are some common concerns from our customers before purchasing from us.

If you're looking to sell with us, the section below, called Seller FAQs, also has commonly asked questions for our brands and sellers.

If you have other questions, please email us at hello@mygreengifts.com

Buyer FAQs

We take sustainability very seriously at mygreengifts.com.

While we can't police every single item, we do our best to verity that our products are coming from small businesses with eco-friendly materials, upcycled materials, reused or recycled materials, all natural or handmade. We ask Sellers to respect the FCC regulations regarding marketing and promotion of their products.

We occasionally have plastic products on the site, but the plastic is recycled from plastic bottles or other sources. Here are some of the materials we look for and accept on the site:

Natural rubber

Recycled/upcycled plastic

Bioplastics that are plant based





Palm tree

Clay & ceramics

Wood & paper and other plant fiber products


Recycled cotton, recycled wool and all other recycled fabrics

Recycled skateboard decks

Cactus leather, pineapple leather, and all other plant-based leathers

There is however one exception - due to hygiene and packaging laws around food items, some of our bamboo plates, palm tree plates, and other party supplies or food items, have to be wrapped in plastic by law to avoid any contaminants. It is unfortunate and we are miserable about it, but to date, these regulations are still active and we have no control over the packaging process. We would still prefer to see palm tree plates composted rather than more plastic red cups dumped into the ocean. We hope you agree. 

Unfortunately we are not able to police and monitor every brand's shipping and packaging practices. In some special circumstances, for example, when it comes to makeup, food items, or party supplies, or any situation where hygiene laws and regulations apply, companies are forced to package in plastic to avoid contamination.
We hope someday that will change and we will have better alternatives. In the meantime we prefer to see compostable palm tree plates wrapped in plastic wrap than non-degradable red plastic cups littering the oceans. It's not perfect but we're trying!
Mygreengifts.com is a multi-brand marketplace, which means we do not hold inventory. Returning an item depends on the brand or the seller's policies. Please check the brand page or the item's description to see if this seller accepts returns.
Please do not ship any returns to My Green Gifts Company LLC, we are not able to receive any products or inventory. Any returns approved by the seller should be returned directly to the seller.

At this time, we cannot guarantee ecofriendly shipping. We ask that our Sellers use Sendle for carbon neutral shipping, however they may choose to ship through DHL, Fedex, or another shipping method.

We currently provide free shipping to any customers in the United States.

Seller FAQs

Great question, we're so happy you asked!

If you scroll down to the bottom of the site, you'll find a link to "Sell with Us".

When you click on the link it will take you to our Seller Portal where you can sign up to sell with us. It is free to sign up. However we do recommend reading the Seller Terms & Conditions, since you will be responsible for shipping your products, and any returns and any issues arising from your sales. 

Please make sure that you follow below steps:

1/ Create a Login and a password.

2/ Once you are logged in, start creating Product pages and set the price. Please use the same retail price you have on your own website. We are not trying to compete with you, we are a complement to your sales venue. Please use images that are square and match the website's branding.


As a Seller we recommend that you use Sendle:

Please note that Sendle is currently only available in the US and Australia.

Once you're in the Seller dashboard, select Sendle as your shipping method.

If you have any issues, please contact us at hello@mygreengifts.com

We can assist you in setting up your shop. For help with setting up please reach out to contact@mygreengifts.com
No. My Green Gifts Company LLC is responsible for paying the sales tax on your behalf.

If you have to issue a refund on a return, please let us know.

Please use 1050 x 1050 pixel images. In the event your images are larger, we reserve the right to crop them in a square shape to maintain all images similar to the design of the website. If you're unsure, please shoot us an email and we'll help you out!
If, like us, you believe we have a responsibility to provide more green, ecofriendly options, you're in the right place. Mygreengifts is here to support and promote small businesses in distributing and sharing their products with the world. We like to think of ourselves as the Amazon or Etsy of sustainability. While we are primarily focused on gift ideas and parties, we want to be the one-stop shop for sustainable products, so people can find all the right brands in one place. You control your inventory and your sales, we're just here to promote you!
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