Cut down on your power bills with solar powered home decor

Lately we've been finding that you can cut down on your power bill by selecting only solar powered garden and home lights.

During Christmas we introduced a new set of solar powered flare lights, that look like fireworks or flowers, depending on how you choose to lay out the "petals." These firework lights have different settings that allow for the lights to flicker on at different speeds and different colors, which makes them a super cool addition to any New Years or holiday decorations. And it costs you nothing since they are powered by the sun. They'll charge during the day and then come on at night, and stay on for an average of 8 to 10 hours.

We've since introduced the snow man Christmas lights, and some floral options for spring and summer vibes. You can also find solar powered string lights to hang across a patio or balcony - the perfect sustainable option for some summer evening lighting that won't cost you a dime (other than the initial purchase price.)

Contact us to find them on our website at

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