Yoga Democracy: Helping the planet one yoga pose at a time!

Hi ya'll!

We're so pleased that we were finally able to partner with Yoga Democracy to promote their beautiful clothes. I personally own the Rustica matching yoga pant and top, and love it so much!

Yoga Democracy are particularly sustainable in that they use water bottles to make their fabric. I thought at first that it would be itchy or cause some kind of rash, but it's been a very smooth to the touch and I'm happy to report that I've not experienced any issues wearing their clothes. What's fun is that their clothes are sometimes reversible, and I love that in one pair of yoga pants I'm actually wearing several recycled water bottles.

Their different yoga styles have straight leg or crop or bell bottom, so there's lots of options to choose from. Yoga Democracy releases new prints very regularly, so if you don't see one you like, keep checking back in!

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