Making it through the winter with some solar powered chargers

Hey everyone,

If you're like us, you've been stuck in two ice storms in Dallas this winter, sometimes losing water because the water pipes froze over, or worst case scenario, losing power! I guess the worst case scenario is when you lose both water AND power.

Just last week, it was even snowing and hailing in Los Angeles! They were on a freeze watch and there were rare blizzard announcements on every channel.

While we can no longer predict what will happen with our weather, given these fluctuations in global temperatures, we can still provide some solutions when you're out of power.

This winter, we tested our new product - the solar powered chargers - and we're glad to report you can definitely charge a phone or laptop with it.

We did have to leave them by the window for a week for a full charge, but it started charging with the sun immediately. The lights on the back of the charger have four little dots and you have a full charge when all four are lit up. The first light will light up immediately when you leave it in the sun.

The good news is you don't just need this charger in times of crisis. I also took my solar powered charger with me on the ski slopes this winter, where you can't otherwise charge your phone.

As expected, in such snowy conditions, my phone reacted to the cold and depleted its battery pretty quickly. Luckily I had my solar charger with me, and was able to plug my phone in and recharge it. The clip-on factor meant I could leave the charger out on my backpack so it could charge with the sunlight as I skied down the slopes.

You could also take it camping or any remote areas of the world that might not have solid access to electricity. These make a great gift for anyone you know that loves to travel, camp, or who might just need it if they live in an unpredictable weather zone.

You can find our solar chargers in several different colors, and if you have any questions, hit us up!

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