Supporting local businesses and small brands

As this is my very first blog post, it was hard to decide what to write about, but I thought I would make it about small steps. 2021 has been the year of recovery and we are still a long way from a recovering economy. But there is something to be said about starting small. Everyone is always talking about progress happening as a result of baby steps. For me, small has meant helping small businesses. They are the ones making the change happen, by creating jobs and helping the environment. 

I personally started the year by throwing out my last plastic laundry detergent bottle, as going forward, I'll be using detergent sheets that I throw into the laundry machine. Small companies like EarthBreeze need our help in eliminating plastic waste and make laundry as sustainable as possible. They also do a wonderful job of donating laundry loads to women's shelters, homeless shelters and third-world countries. 

What small step will you be taking? Which small business will you support? 

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