Sustainable summer with these Hawaiian brands!

Hi friends!

As always, the blog is here to highlight brands and companies who are making the world a bit more sustainable and ecofriendly one product at a time and we want to support them.

This summer, we wanted to highlight a few of our favorite surprises out of Hawaii!

A friend recently brought me back a beautiful beach towel from her trip to Maui, and to my delight, not only was it pink and covered in surfer girls, but it was ecofriendly (!!!).

Tag Aloha Co. uses recycled bottles to make these quick-dry super absorbent beach towels. This particular one is called the Queens of Waikiki and it's a dream! It's the perfect gift and the perfect summer staple. It comes in biodegradable packaging which makes us even happier!

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Another brand we tried this summer was AO Organics Hawai'i whose Guava-licious Shampoo bar was the perfect travel staple for backpacking. It smells so good too! We can't wait to try the Conditioner bar next.

What other Hawaiian brands do you think we should try?

Shoot us an email at with your recommendations or find us on IG !


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